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Divorce and Separation Divorce and Separation

Divorce and the breakdown of a marriage/ civil partnership.

Our breadth of experience and skills covers all aspects of this increasingly complex and challenging area of the law.

We recognise and understand the level of stress and emotional trauma that accompanies the breakdown of a relationship. Our approach is to minimise that stress as far as possible and to successfully resolve even the most complicated matters in a sympathetic and objective manner.

We offer sensitive and expert advice on the issues arising when a marriage or civil partnership breaks down such as:

Divorce / Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

Advising on all aspects of divorce and separation, including judicial issues and decrees of divorce and separation.

Financial settlements

Advising clients before, during and after separation or divorce. We have particular expertise in complex financial cases, including those with an international dimension. We can investigate disclosure (including wealth held behind companies, trusts and offshore assets) and advise on what would be a fair outcome.


Advising on all private law matters involving children, including disputes concerning children's residence and their contact with parents and other relations. We also deal with applications for permission to remove children from the jurisdiction and their unlawful removal to and from the jurisdiction.

All our family solicitor are members of Resolution and follow a code of practice that encourages a non-confrontational approach to family problems.

Relationship Agreements Relationship Agreements

Agreements to protect your interests before you get married or move in with someone.

If you are about to get married, enter a civil partnership or live with someone we can give you advice about an agreement that would protect your interests for the future. We have expertise in this emerging area of law - drafting agreements, advising on their terms and the validity of those terms.

Living together Living Together

What to do when your relationship with someone you have been living with comes to an end.

If you have been living with someone and the relationship ends you may need legal advice.

We regularly advise unmarried couples on the legal consequences of their relationships both in relation to the ownership and division of property and their rights and responsibilities towards children.

Property law Property Work / Conveyancing

Buying or selling your home and/or other properties.

Charles Coleman and Co. has a reputation for providing a full and comprehensive service in all areas of conveyancing and property work.

In May 2011 the firm was accredited by the Law Society with membership of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This is a quality standard which shows we commit to good practice management and we adhere to prudent and efficient conveyancing procedures.

Examples of issues we can help with are:

Buying or Selling your home

We will provide you with the advice and assistance required to make your move as smooth and swift as possible. We will investigate the legal title to the property you want to buy, and assist you in putting together the information you will need to sell your home.

Remortgaging your property

Whether you are changing your mortgage company to gain a better rate of interest, you want to raise some additional funds or you are entering into an equity release scheme we can carry out the legal formalities that are needed.

Transferring the title to your property

If you want to change the ownership of your home (often called a transfer of equity), perhaps into joint names or from joint names to your sole name, we can assist. We will also advise on Declarations of Trust which set out the terms of owning a property with another person.

General property advice

We can advise you on any queries you may have relating to the title to your property.

Commercial law Commercial Transactions

Buying or selling a business and commercial property.

At Charles Coleman we provide efficient and professional advice in commercial matters for the individual and small business.

Examples of the types of transactions we deal with are:

  • Buying or selling businesses - from nursery schools to hairdressers
  • New leases for commercial premises - for either the landlord or the tenant
  • Issues arising from commercial leases - rent reviews and lease renewals

Please contact us to discuss what services we can provide for you.

Will writing Wills

Making a will and organising your estate in a tax efficient way.

When someone dies their estate (property and assets) has to be dealt with. Their will appoints executors to deal with the estate administration and determines how the estate must be divided.

We can advise you on your options when setting up your Will and make sure you consider all the alternatives.

If there is no will the Intestacy Rules will govern the division of the estate and who must deal with it and so by making a Will you remove this uncertainty. It gives peace of mind to you and those you leave behind.

Many clients who come in to make their Wills start the meeting with: "we've been putting this off for years" and as they leave they often comment: "well that was easy"! So don't put it off, let us help.

Probate and Estate Administration Probate and Estate Administration

Dealing with someone's estate when they die.

When someone dies their estate (property and assets) has to be dealt with. Their will appoints executors to deal with the estate administration and determines how the estate must be divided.

If there is no will the Intestacy Rules will govern the division of the estate and who must deal with it.

In either case we can help you administer the estate. We can manage the whole affair or, if you prefer, we can just obtain the Grant of Representation from the Probate Court so you can then deal with the assets yourself.

We will also offer advice on how best to distribute the estate and whether there is any opportunity to save any tax.

Lasting Powers of Attorney Lasting Powers of Attorney

Dealing with someone's affairs when they cannot manage on their own.

As you get older you may need help dealing with the day to day running of your affairs. You can appoint someone as your attorney to assist you. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)­­ - a Personal Welfare LPA and a Property and Affairs LPA. These do the following:

Health & Welfare LPA: This authorises your attorney to make decisions about your personal welfare which includes healthcare and medical treatment.

Property & Finances LPA: This authorises your attorney to act in relation to your property, investments and financial affairs.

We are experienced in preparing LPAs and we are happy to visit clients at home or in hospital if required.

We will also act as or for attorneys to assist in administering peoples affairs.